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Whatever art I like in:icondeviantartplz:, I fave it:D


                                   NOTE TO READER:
                    What your about to read is a work in progress.
   Some parts of this scene may or may not be changed in the official chapter.
                                Thank you and enjoy!!

                                                      - YellowNinja123



August 30th, 2552(Hours before The Fall Of Reach)

*Comms initiated*

Wilcon(Comms): Spartan Team Jaeger, approaching mission coordinates. ETA 15 mikes.

Stretch: Copy that Wilcon. *Looks to you and the rest of your team* Get tactical ladies!!

*You and the rest of your fellow Spartans grab your weapons and gear*

Harrison: Hey (M/n). *You look at him* First to get the most kills buys the winner lunch, you game?

You: I would. *You reload your MA%C Assault Rifle* But with the situation we're in, no.

Harrison: Come on, don't be a chicken.

Kale: Oi!! *Harrison looks at him* This ain't the time for games Harrison. The Covenant are attacking Reach and all you can think of is games?

Stretch: Leave him be. If that's what he thinks of this, so be it.

You: You think we can win this fight captain?

Stretch: I wish we could. But in reality, the Covenant have already won.

Harrison: If that's the case, why aren't we retreating like the others?

Stretch: I don't know. The only thing were told is to go to this facility and guard it with our lives. Rest of the info given is classified.

You: ONI?

Stretch: *Nods to your question* Yup.

You: Knew it.

Wilcon(Comms): Spartans, mission objective is up ahead, proceeding to land no-

*Pelican gets hit by a plasma round as you and your comrades shield yourselves*



You: That was a plasma round, who do you think it is!!

Stretch: *Activates his comm* Wilcon!! Get us on the ground now!!


Stretch: Great. *Makes his way to an empty seat and secures himself* Hold on tight boys!! We're going in hard!!

*Shaking intensifies as you all head straight for the ground*


But by the time he gave this warning, everything went black as a loud crashing sound occurred. After that, total silence.
Eleven minutes later....

Harrison: (M/N)!!

You: *You groan as your eyes are shut*

Harrison: (M/N)!! WAKE UP!!

You: *You groan again* I don't wanna go to school, five more minutes.

*You get punched in the face and you instantly wake up*

Kale: Rise and shine beautiful. *Kale helps you up*

You: *You shake your head a bit* How long was I out?

Harrison: About eleven minutes. *Gives you your assault rifle*

You: Where's the captain?

Stretch: Right here.

*You and the others turn to Stretch as he walks up to you guys*

Harrison: Where's Wilcon?

Stretch: *Sighs* He didn't make it.

Kale: Darn. *Kicks the dirt in frustration*

You: Can we still use the Pelican though?

Stretch: I'm afraid we can't. That impact earlier put a pretty good dent on it. She's not going anywhere.

Kale: Guess that means we're going to the facility on foot.

????(Comms): Can anyone copy? *Static occurs* Is anyone out there? Repeat-*Static occurs again* Is anyone out there?

You: *You activate your comm* Hello? Who's this?

Anderson(Comms): This is Spartan Team Meta. We're under heavy fire from Covenant forces and in need of immediate back up, over?

You: *You turn to Stretch* Sir!! *You catch Stretch's attention* There are other Spartans in the area.

Stretch: Really?

You: Yeah, I'm talking to one of them right now.

Stretch: Ask them where they are now.

You: *You nod to his order* What is your current position?

Anderson(Comms): A couple of clicks away from Facility Gridson.

You: Copy that, we're on our way. *Transmission ends*

Stretch: Well? Where are they?

You: *You look to your captain and your other Spartans* Their a couple of clicks away from Facility Gridson. If we go now, we can get to their position and help them out.

Stretch: Then what are we standing around for? Let's go and kick some Covenant booty.

Kale: Ooo-Rah!!

With that said and done, you and your comrades left the downed Pelican and went straight to Spartan Team Meta's current position to help them with heavy Covenant forces. You and your friends were supposed to go to Facility Gridson for your mission, but that didn't mean you can't help out your fellow Spartans.

You, Kale, Harrison, and Stretch have faced lots of Covenant before, so how hard could this be?

It took a while for you and your friends to reach Spartan Team Meta's location, but you all managed and arrived at the groups firefight against a large group of Covenant soldiers.

There were eleven Jackals armed with Carbines at the back and fourteen Elites with Plasma Rifles behind twenty-eight Grunts armed with Plasma Pistols at the front.

Kale: Woah, that's A LOT of aliens. *Looks to Stretch* Got an idea Stretch?

Stretch: I'm thinking, I'm thinking.

Harrison: Well think fast, cause Spartan Team Meta here is running out of time.

Stretch: Thank you, for summing that up Harrison.

Harrison: Am I supposed to take that as a compliment? or an insult?

Kale: The second one.

Harrison: Ouch.

Stretch: (M/n), what do you thi-*Notices your gone* Wait, where's (M/n)?

*Whistling noise occurs and Kale, Stretch, and Harrison look to see you*

Harrison: There he is!!

Stretch: *Switches to Comms* (M/n), what do you think your doing!?

You(Comms): *You point to something* Look what I found.

Kale: *He, Harrison, and Stretch see two parked Ghosts* Oooooooh, nice find.

Stretch: Kale, Harrison, give me and (M/n) some cover. We'll be the ones controlling the Ghosts.

Harrison: Sir yes sir. *He and Harrison move to a different position*

Stretch: Let's get to work.

After that, Stretch met up with you and the two of you went straight for the two Ghosts that are parked behind the large Covenant group. As for Harrison and Kale, they've already set up shop near Spartan Team Meta's position and began to take out as many aliens as possible.

There were two Grunts at the Ghosts, but not for long.

Grunt: And he said, "Nuh uh". And I was like, "Oh yeah!!", but he was like "Nuh uh".

Grunt #2: Then what happe-"Gets punched in the face by you"

You: Then I punched you in the face.

Grunt: *His eyes widen in shock* WHAT THE!? *Stretch taps him on the shoulder and he turns to him*

Stretch: Boo.

*Grunt drops his weapon and runs away in fear while waving his arms in the air like he doesn't care*

Stretch: Grunts. *He gets on his Ghost and starts it up*

You: *You get on your Ghost and start it up as well* Ready sir?

Stretch: *Looks at you* I'm always ready kid.

After that, you and Stretch made your way towards Harrison, Kale, and Spartan Team Meta's position as their still fighting the Covenant group. Along the way, you and Stretch began to lay down fire on the aliens.

The Covenant soldiers didn't notice this for a few seconds and by the time they did, they were already too late. Once you and Stretch were close enough to the aliens, you both abandoned your Ghosts and sent them straight for the aliens as they ran over them like a deer and a truck on a highway at night. Eventually, the Ghosts lost their balance and crashed elsewhere.

Some soldiers of the Covenant group were still alive, but they were soon finished off by Kale and Harrison.

*You and Stretch regroup with Kale, Harrison, and Spartan Team Meta*

Stretch: Everyone alright?

Anderson: Yes sir. Thanks for coming in to help us out.

Stretch: No problem solider.

Hermes(Command): Jaeger zero-one, be advised; we're tracking a Covenant Assault Carrier headed straight for Facility Gridson. ETA Thirty-Nine minutes.

Stretch: Roger that Hermes. *Looks to you and the others* Alright Spartans, let's move out!!
In The Interest Of Time....

(Inside Facility Gridson)

*Ground shakes vigorously as sounds of explosions occur outside*

Doctor Robert Cabson: Alright people!! Let's gather as much data and equipment as we can!! Don't waste time!!

Kale: Captain!! *You and Stretch turn to him and Harrison* The doors aren't gonna hold for long. Any minute now, the Covenant will break through and enter the facility.

Stretch: I want every soldier in this facility battle-ready now. We'll have to go with Plan B.

Harrison: And that is?

Stretch: "He looks at Harrison* We blow up our objective sky high.

You: *You walk up to Doctor Cabson* Sir.

Doctor Robert Cabson: *Turns to you* Y-Yes?

You: Where's the thing you and your friends were studying?

Doctor Robert Cabson: I-I-I'm sorry, but I can't relay that type of information to-

Stretch: I don't care if we don't have clearance!! A Covenant Assault Carrier is right above us and they'll find out what's here anyways. Unless you have any other ideas, let's hear it.

*Momentary silence occurs*

Doctor Robert Cabson: *Shrugs* Guess I have no other choice. Follow me. *Heads for the elevator*

Stretch: (M/n), on me. *Follows the doctor*

You: Yes sir. *You look to Kale and Harrison* Good luck you guys.

Kale: Same with you (M/n).

With that said and done, you and Stretch followed Doctor Cabson while Kale and Harrison prepared defenses on every entrance in the facility for the inevitable brutal firefight against Covenant forces.

(Inside the Covenant Assault Carrier....)

*Elite enters command room and kneels before his superior*

Elite Commander: Sir, we have confirmation that the relic is here. Shall we prepare our troops for interception of the enemy base?

????: Do what you must Commander. Every relic we find is essential for our quest of the Great Journey.

Elite Commander: As you wish, we'll make sure every single human inside is annihilated.

????: Good.

*Elite Commander leaves the command deck*

Prophet of Wrath: The Great Journey is upon us humanity. And nothing, not even your armored monstrosities can save you now.

                                   HALO RISE OF THE SPARTAN

                                         COMING SOON
Halo Rise Of The Spartan - Official Teaser
Here's an official sneak peek at my upcoming Male Reader Insert Fic, Halo Rise Of The Spartan!!^_^

Requested by:iconredeemer9855:

Halo by 343 industries
RWBY - Emerald Sustrai Remastered by YellowNinja123
RWBY - Emerald Sustrai Remastered
I didn't like how I did Emerald the first time back then, so I decided to make a remaster of her in my style of art and this attempt is a lot better than my first:D

(Link to first attempt>>>>…)

RWBY by Monty Oum
Destiny Darkness Within - Pulsing Surge by YellowNinja123
Destiny Darkness Within - Pulsing Surge
Just another hand cannon I made yesterday and I think it looks awesome:D

Desitny by BUNGIE
Imperial Capital

Revolution Day

Hours later....

Man: Is it safe to come out now?

You: Don't know, I'll go check. Stay here.

Man: Right.

You then opened the trapdoor and what you saw next put a look of horror on your face. Every building within the area was completely obliterated and all that's left is debris.

After looking at this sight for a few seconds, you stepped outside and looked around before letting everyone in the basement out so they can head somewhere safe.

You: *You look at a man* Get these people somewhere safe. Don't stop.

Man: *Nods to your order* Will do. *Follows other people*

Elderly Woman: *Walks up to you and you notice her* Thank you young man, we are in your debt.

You: No problem madame. *Elderly woman leaves*

Then, out of nowhere, the ground shook once more and when you looked to your left, you saw a huge ice wall form around what appears to be a destroyed Primus Imperator!!

Upon seeing this, you knew that Esdeath was there, so you began to make your way towards the massive cold wall to investigate what's going on there.

When you arrived there, you saw Najenda standing in front of the wall as the sounds of swords clashing can be heard in the center of the ice structure.

You: Najenda!! *She looks at you and you run up to her* What's going on?

Najenda: It's Esdeath and Akame, their fighting each other in there.

You: Where's Tatsumi and Leone?

Najenda: I don't know.

The ground shook again as Akame continues to fight Esdeath. Attack after attack, the two fierce sword users gave it their all to ensure they don't fall. You knew that you had to stop before it gets worse, so you climbed up the ice wall and land at the other side.

After that, you saw Akame and Esdeath still fighting each other. Seeing an opening in Akame's assault, Esdeath knelt on the ground and summoned an ice pillar at Akame, pushing her away from the general.

Once Akame was open in the air, Esdeath summoned more ice pillars from the walls she made earlier and aimed them at our Night Raid assassin. Luckily, she saw the pillars coming and dodged them all, but didn't see Esdeath coming when she kicked her back to the ground hard.

After that, Esdeath prepared to snap her fingers to use Hagel Sprung on Akame in hopes of finishing her quickly. When you saw this, you began to run towards Akame to save her from turning into a human pancake.

Esdeath: Farewell, Akame. *Snaps her fingers and a giant boulder of ice appears behind her*

You: AKAME!!

Akame: *Hears your voice and looks at you* (M/n)!?

Esdeath: *Hears you too and looks at you as well* What!? Why is he here!?

*You jump towards Akame and get behind her as the massive ice boulder gets closer and closer*

You: There's no way I'm gonna let another friend of mine die!! *You hold your shield in front of you* Not now!! NOT EVER!!

Soon, the massive ice boulder made contact with the ground and made a massive shock wave of dirt and dust that covered most of the area around you afterwards. From here, Esdeath thought she killed you and Akame, but what came next shocked her to her core.

When the dust settled, it was revealed that you and Akame survived the attack!! How you may ask? By your shield of course!! Just before the boulder hit the ground, you activated your Imperial Arm's trump card: Platinum Defense.

A move that can endure any attack and protect it's wielder and anyone else by forming a protective sphere around them.

*Trump Card wears off and your shield goes back to it's original form*

Akame: I can't believe it!! *You help Akame get back on her feet* Your shield can do that!?

You: All Imperial Arms have a Trump Card right? My shield has that too.

Akame: Thanks for saving me though.

You: What are friends for?

Then, your attention was on Esdeath now. When you looked at her, she had a face of doubt and anger after realizing your working with Night Raid. Akame was about to charge in and attack Esdeath, but you told her not too.

Hoping you could change her mind, you slowly and carefully walked up to Esdeath to speak with her.

Esdeath: (M/n), why did you protect her?

You: She's my friend. After I was framed by Minister Honest, I decided to work alongside Night Raid in hopes of clearing my name.

Esdeath: *Her eyes widen in shock upon hearing this* Y-You were framed?

You: *You nod to her question* This battle has already claimed enough lives. So please, don't fight anymore.

Esdeath: *Drops her sword and falls to the ground on her knees* Then was everything I did for peace....worthless?

You: *You look at her with concern* Esdeath....

Esdeath: I never fought to uphold peace. *Tears begin to flow down her face* Instead, I fought to destroy it instead. I'm a bad example of a general.

*You walk up to Esdeath and then hug her so she can stop crying*

You: Your not a bad example of a general. Your a great and caring leader. I saw that in you the first day you took me into the palace. Sure you fought for the wrong cause, but that doesn't mean you can't start over.

Esdeath: *You stop hugging her and she looks at you* You think so?

You: *You nod to her question* Yup.

*You help Esdeath up and you both look each other in the eyes*

You: And Esdeath, I got something else to tell you.

Esdeath: What is it?

You: I love you.

Esdeath: *Blushes upon hearing this and then smiles* Oh you.

After that, you and Esdeath kissed. When Najenda and Akame saw this, they were impressed that you were able to convince Esdeath to revert to the good side and make her come to her senses.

As for the Minister Honest, It has been confirmed that he's been killed by Leone while trying to escape the Capital. The terror of the corrupt government and the prime minister, has finally come to an end.

A new era of order and peace, has just begun.
Later that day....

(Play this while reading to the very end of Part VII>>>>…)

After the conflict between Revolutionary and Imperial forces had ended, all survivors were gathered in evacuation camps that were set up all over the Capital so people have a place to be safe and cared for until the city was restored.

As for Run and Wave? They helped in on finding more survivors and taking the injured to the camps so they can be treated back to good health.

Najenda: We did it. We finally achieved our goal.

Akame: The people can live in peace now.

You: But first, we'll have to rebuild the Capital and the government. Taking one small step after the other.

Esdeath: (M/n). *You, Akame, and Najenda look behind you and see her*

You: *You look at them* I'll catch up with you guys later.

Akame: Okay.

After that, you walked up to Esdeath so you can speak with her.

You: So, how are things going with the search and rescue?

Esdeath: It's going well. So far, Run and Wave have found twenty-nine civilians. Two injured while the rest were fine.

You: That's good to hear.

Run: Esdeath. *You and Esdeath turn to your left to see Run and Wave walk up to you two* We've found as much survivors in the area as possible.

Esdeath: You did good you two. You did good.

Wave: Thanks.

Esdeath: *She looks at you* So what happens now?

You: We stick together. For a brighter future.

After that you and Esdeath began to walk elsewhere while holding hands. The last few months were difficult, but in the end, you and your comrades persevered. As of now, the Capital and the lands around it are on a road to a brighter future.

Sure there'll be challenges ahead, but even that won't stop you and your friends from upholding the peace. Along the way, you did lose people you cared about the most, but what they did for a better tomorrow will never be forgotten.

I'm not sure what the future holds but I do know that I'm going to be positive and not wake up feeling desperate. As my dad said "Nic, it is what it is, it's not what it should have been, not what it could have been, it is what it is."

                                                                                                                                                     - Nicole Kidman


                                          THE END
Esdeath x Male Reader(Remastered) - Part VII
Requested by:iconsageomicron:

Akame ga Kill by Takahiro


Want to request a Male Reader Insert? Then click the link!!…

Want to request a Crossover Male Reader Insert? Then click the link!!…
Part 2: Writing 101

So, now that you've developed your story/fanfic idea, it's time to finally write it. But first, I must talk about writing and anything related to that.

Character Dialogue

When your character(s) at one time have a moment in the story where they talk, make sure that their dialogue is "natural". What do I mean by this you ask? It means that what they say must be like what a person in real life would say. If you don't do this, their talking time won't be interesting. Example: If a writer has a cool kid act like a fancy shmancy dude, that wouldn't feel natural because it won't be like that in real life.

Your dialogue also has to show the character's personality as well. If one of your characters is kinda like you, then you'll have to put some of your personality into said character's dialogue.


My advice for this? READ A LOT OF BOOKS, LIKE LEGIT BOOKS(Examples: Percy Jackson, Harry Potter or something like that). I learned this from my big sister that reading books actually help you learn and expand your vocabulary. When writing, your sentences have to be interesting to make sure your readers don't get bored. If you don't do this, you'll just end up losing your audience.

Can you read other fanfictions to expand your vocabulary? No. Reason for this is what I'm about to talk about next.

Errors in writing

The reason you shouldn't read other fanfictions to expand your vocabulary is because of two things. One, they are stories made by fans and two, some parts of their stories might have writing errors. Some people don't see those errors, but when you know some stuff about writing, you'd see the errors immediately. I'm not saying you shouldn't read fanfictions at all!! You can read them, just not for expanding your vocabulary.

Trust me, reading books by authors like Rick Riordan and J.K Rowling will do you much better help in expanding your vocabulary. I mean, even they had to read books too, even before they made their big hit series.


What is a pitch? Basically a pitch is what tells the entire thing of your story in just a few sentences. About three hundred words maximum depending on what your story is about. Plus, when making the pitch, you have to make sure your twist is in there. BUT MAKE SURE IT DOESN'T REVEAL WHAT THE BIG TWIST ACTUALLY IS!! IF YOU DO THIS, THE STORY'S NOT GOING ANYWHERE!!

Not only that, this'll help you explain your story to others both online and in real life. So, if you've fully developed your story, do your pitch and make sure it tells the entire story in just a few sentences, with the twist included(MAKE SURE YOU DON'T GO INTO DETAIL WHAT THE TWIST ACTUALLY IS!!). And if you need help in memorizing it, here's an exercise you can do with either friends or family that can help:

Exercise: Know your story's pitch by heart in three minutes. (Your friend or family member can time you for this.)

Character description

In some books, they don't have drawings in them to show what the location, character, etc look like. But luckily, there's a way to solve that. When making your story, make sure you give your readers details on what your characters, locations, creatures, etc look like. Doing this will help them get a glimpse of what they think your character, location, creature, etc is like. But don't go into FULL detail cause this is a story, not a design concept.

Well, that's all for this part. In the next part, we'll talk about a character's story and what "arcs" they'll go through and what they've learned at the end of their arc. What's an Arc you may ask? Well that's for next time;)


Artist | Hobbyist | Film & Animation
I'm just a regular Filipino Otaku that loves writing stories, make digital art, and watch movies and anime:D


Star Wars by FlobelebelebobeleTwilight Sparkle Stamp by SugarShiinaStamp: RedvsBlue fan by NawamaneStamp :: Rooster Teeth by homestucktroll123Stamp: Nisekoi by Heavens-AriaRWBY Stamp by SpamCrackersKingdom Hearts Stamp by winter-ameNisekoi - Chitoge Stamp by ParanoxiasDA Stamp - Pizza 01 by tppgraphicsDA Stamp - Conventions 01 by tppgraphicsHowToBasic Stamp by SuperMarioFan65WOT Stamp by AdmiralSerenityVanoss Gaming stamp. (New icon) by TailypoArtisth2o delirious stamp by oiimiI AM WILDCAT stamp by Stamps-ForWhoWantMini Land stamp by Stamps-ForWhoWantNogla stamp by Stamps-ForWhoWantMoo stamp by Stamps-ForWhoWantBasicallyidowrk stamp by Stamps-ForWhoWantTerroriser stamp by Stamps-ForWhoWantLui Calibre stamp by Stamps-ForWhoWantGood Mythical Morning stamp by smileystampsMy first Stamp :) Fairy Tail Lover by Ookamis-WolvesKill La Kill Stamp by wow1076TTGL Stamp by SolusNoxSAO stamp by SolusNoxAttack on Titan stamp by SolusNox.: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-KotStamp - Dog Lover by MauserGirlMaroon 5 Stamp ll by KrisderpStamp - Mouse User by firstfearMS Paint User Stamp by iPPGNatsu x Lucy Stamp 4 by whiteflamingoGruvia Stamp by Rumay-ChianFT - Gazille x Levi 01 by coffeefanatic3462Stamp: Jerza by SunforJanuaryDA Stamp - I Love Movies 01 by tppgraphicsPassionate Shipper Stamp by MarmaladeYuuStamp - FMA Brotherhood by MiaKa-CiDFanfic Writer Stamp by AroihkinBrony- stamp by BlizzyKaiTailsXCosmo Stamp by TheKitsuneAlchemistSonaze Stamp by Chibi-Mars-JaneHyperdimension Neptunia by EtherealStardustPanty and Stocking Stamp by TaezeonDangan Ronpa Stamp by Ryxedieos:thumb552537580:Space Dandy Stamp v.3 by aFiendBlack Bullet Stamp by Kheila-SStamp: K-ON!! by xEjixStamp - AsunaxKirito by ChelimkaGmod Stamp by Midday-Mayhem


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