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                                                                           RWBY Retaliation

                                                                         Chapter 5: Assemble

Emerald Forest

Couple of miles away from main objective


After flying in the air for a couple of minutes, you began your descent towards the forest as you transformed Home Run into it's shotgun form and began shooting a couple of times at the front to slow yourself down a bit.

Once this was done, you began to wall jump from tree to tree until you landed safely onto the ground.

*You stand up and look around your surroundings*

You: I must've flown very far, but that doesn't mean I'm close to the objective. *You reload Home Run* Time to start walking.

*A bush to your right suddenly rustles and you immediately aim Home Run at it*

You: Who's there? Show yourself!!

????: Alright!! Alright!! Just don't shoot me okay?

You: We'll see about that buddy.

With that said and done, the being hiding in the bush slowly revealed himself to you and turned out to be a huntsman!! Upon knowing this, you lowered your gun as he walke dup to you. This guy is about the same height as you, wears a dark brown leather jacket over a white tank top, dark blue pants, dark brown boots, and wears a pair of black fingerless gloves.

Not only that, he has brown spiky hair, blue grey eyes, wears a pair of shades, and has a large black case on his back. Almost as if he's a famous rock star.

Russo: *Offers to shake hands with you* Name's Russo, Russo Rock.

You: *You shake hands with him* Nice to meet you. I'm (First Name) (Last Name).

Russo: Well, now that we saw each other, guess that means were partners from now on.

You: Guess so. Saw anyone else nearby?

Russo: I've been on the ground for about two minutes now and the only person I've seen is you dude.

You: *You shrug* Then the others are probably headed north already. We better catch up so we don't fall behind.

Russo: *Nods in agreement* Right.

With that said and done, you and your new partner Russo began to head north towards the temple so you can hopefully meet up with the others and get a relic in the process. In a vehicle, reaching the northern end of the Emerald Forest would take about thirty minutes or less depending on which type of transport your taking.

On foot however, it would take about an hour and a half to reach the northern end. For a normal person, they wouldn't survive that long since the forest is infested with all types of grimm. But since you and Russo are huntsmen-in-training, this shouldn't be a problem.

After running for about forty-five minutes, the two of you stopped at a opening to catch your breath. Since there's no time limit to this initiation, this isn't a problem.

Russo: *Breathes heavily* Whoo!! I've never run that long before!!

You: Same here. *You look at your watch* We have to reach the temple before dark, otherwise we'll be in a lot of trouble.

Russo: Anyways, is that baseball bat on your back your weapon?

You: *You look at him* Yes, it is. Why?

Russo: Just asking.

You: What's your weapon?

Russo: You'll know when you see it.

*Loud growling occurs and you and Russo turn around to see a Beowolf*

You: Well, it's time to show it now man. *You bring out Home Run*

Russo: What're you so worked up about? It's just one Beowolf.


You: *More Beowolves appear and surround you and Russo* You just had to jinx it huh?

Russo: Oops.

You: *You sigh* No matter, let's just make sure we don't become Grimm chow.

Russo: *Cracks his knuckles* About time we have some fun.

Without hesitation, the Beowolves surrounding you and Russo began to charge towards you two so they can kill you both. Upon seeing this, you both jumped in the air and went opposite ways to split the enemy group. There were six Beowolves present, so you and Russo got three each to deal with.

Just like what happened back at Haremashi Town, the Beowolves stood no chance against you as you bashed their heads hard with Home Run. Two tried to get you from behind, but you saw the attack coming as you ducked to dodge the incoming attack. After that, you threw Home Run, in it's baseball bat form, right at the Beowolf in front of you and struck it's neck hard with a right swing, killing it instantly.

Then, upon sensing the second Beowolf coming behind you, you turn around and transformed Home Run into it's shotgun mode and shoot at just the right time. A second late would've meant certain doom.

You: *You look at the last Beowolf* What's the matter wolfy? Too scared to fight little old me?

Beowolf: *Pounds the ground with it's fists in anger* ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRR!!

You: That's the spirit.

Your last Beowolf then ran towards you and soon, you did the same as well as both of you ran towards each other. Once the two of you were up close, the Beowolf tried to slice you in half, but failed when you dodged the attack. With the monster now wide open, you activated Home Run's spike mode and sent a left swing straight at the beast's face.

The impact was so great that it ripped the Grimm's head clean off of it's shoulder and fly off as the body collapsed onto the ground motionless.

You: All too easy. *You look to Russo* Hang on man, I'm coming to help ya.

Russo: Don't worry about me. *Dodges an incoming slash attack and kicks the Beowolf away* I got this!!
You: You sure?

Russo: Of course I'm sure!! Besides, I'm a lot stronger than you think (M/n).

With that said and done, Russo brought out his large case and opened it, revealing a guitar inside. You've seen a lot of guitars before, but this one is new. This guitar was grey, has colorful strings, some music note designs on it's body, and has strange silver things coming out of it's sides.

You could only assume that this was his weapon, but your unsure of how a musical instrument will help him in combat. You'd be given the answer you were looking for when Russo pressed a button on his guitar's neck and two large axe blades appear at the sides of the instrument's body!!

Russo then went for the Beowolf to his right and sliced it in half so quickly that the poor creature didn't have time to react. This shocked the other two grimm when they witnessed this, but they soon put it aside and charged right for Russo. Only to have themselves cut in half and fall to the ground dead afterwards.

Russo: *Transforms Sweet Lycs back to it's normal form* Music to my ears.

You: Wow. *Russo looks at you* So your guitar is half battle axe?

Russo: Yup. It's design was inspired by a certain cartoon character in this show I used to watch as a kid long ago. And since I loved guitars so much, it was the perfect match for me.

You(In head): Almost like with my weapon. Sweet.

Russo: *Sniffs the air and notices something* You smell that?

You: *You sniff the air and get the strange smell* Yeah, smells like wood burning.

Russo: *Looks behind you* And I think I know where it's coming from.

You: Where?

Russo: *Points behind you* There.

You then looked behind you and see a massive forest fire slowly headed straight for you and Russo. Upon seeing this, you and Russo continued north to avoid getting caught in the massive fire. This initiation was gonna get harder and harder the deeper you two went.

While running, you can hear the sounds of explosions and gunfire somewhere in the forest. This meant that some of your classmates have encountered the Grimm and are currently engaging them in ruthless combat. You and Russo didn't go and help however, due to the fact that everyone here is an experienced fighter and can take care of themselves easily, so the two of you continued onward.

Russo: Hey partner. *You look at him* How long until we reach the temple?

You: At the pace we're going, we'll probably arrive there in a little while. As long as we don't slow down of course.

Russo: I think I can fix that.

*Russo brings out his guitar and plays it as green light surrounds you both*

You: What did you just do?

Russo: I gave us a speed boost. Killing Grimm isn't the only thing Sweet Lycs can do.

You: So it can give boosts too?

Russo: Yup. And it's most effective if there's more people around.

You: I see. How long does our boost last?

Russo: About thirty minutes.

You: Then let's make use of it.

You and Russo then picked up your speed and the two of you were running so fast that you both left a huge dust cloud behind that could be seen almost anywhere. At the pace you two were going, you'll both arrive at the temple in no time!!

Elsewhere, a huntsman and a huntress watched the enormous dust cloud you and Russo were leaving behind as the two of you kept running.

Annya: What's causing that?

Dex: Don't know, but whatever it is, it's headed straight for the temple.

Annya: *Looks at him* Think it's one of our comrades?

Dex: Probably. *Looks at her* But you do realize there's only one way to find out right?

Annya: *Nods her head* Yeah. Let's go.

                                                                                  NEXT CHAPTER....

                                                                                  Chapter 6: Assemble Pt.2
RWBY Retaliation - Chapter 5
!!:DHope you guys enjoy:D!!
RWBY by Monty Oum

Previous Chapter:…

Next Chapter: !!Coming Soon!!
Sword Art Online - Asuna Yuuki Remastered by YellowNinja123
Sword Art Online - Asuna Yuuki Remastered
I didn't like how I did Asuna the first time I tried making her in my style of art and I decided to do a second attempt. This second rendition took a lot longer than expected, but I managed and I'm happy with the results:D

(Link to first attempt>>>>…)

Sword Art Online by Reki Kawahara
HN: Angel's Victory Logo(Try Out) by YellowNinja123
HN: Angel's Victory Logo(Try Out)
Thought I would make another custom logo for another story. This time, I decided to make a custom logo for:iconxxwarrior-angelxx:'s fanfic, "Hyperdimension Neptunia: Angel's Victory. The difficult part was choosing the right set of colors, but I managed and I'm pleased with the result:D

Hyperdimension Neptunia by Compile Heart and Idea Factory

Fanfic by:iconxxwarrior-angelxx:
                                                                            RWBY Retaliation

                                                                    Chapter 4: Mission Initiation

Beacon Academy, Vale

Locker Room B-5

Morning(Initiation Day)

You(In head): *You reload Home Run* Today's the day. Break times over, time to show everyone here how I roll. *You transform Home Run back to it's baseball bat form and put it back in it's sheathe*

Annya: Hey (M/n)!!

You: *You look to your right and see Annya* Oh, Morning Annya!! What's up?

Annya: Just wanted to come over and check how your prep time's doing.

You: I've just finished as a matter of fact. *You stand up and stretch a bit* So, how're you feeling about this whole initiation thing?

Annya: *Thinks for a moment* Somewhere between nervous and excited. How about you?

You: Same. I think.

Annya: So, have you heard about the rumor that's going around lately?

You: You mean the rumor about there being teams?

Annya: That's right.

You: Yeah, I've heard a little bit about it. Why ask?

Annya: Is there anyone you particularly know you'd like to team up with?

You: The only people I know around here are you, Ruby, Jaune, Yang, and Ice Queen.

Annya: "Ice Queen"?

Weiss(Somewhere in the room): HE'S REFERRING TO ME!!

Annya: O-kay. That was awkward.

You: I know right?

*You hear a loud thud behind you and you and Annya look to see Jaune pinned by a large spear*

Jaune: *Looks at you and Annya* Hey.

Annya: Can this day get any weirder?

You: I wouldn't dare think about it. *You sigh* Hold on Jaune, I'll get you out of there. *You walk over to Jaune*

Jaune: Thanks man.

You: *You grab onto the spear and start to pull* Let me guess, tried to flirt with Ice Queen and failed?

Jaune: Eh, sort of.

You: *You pull the spear right out and Jaune falls to the ground* There. *You look a Jaune* You alright?

Jaune: *Gives you a thumbs up* Never better.

Glynda(Speakers): *Speakers activate* Would all first-year students, please report to Beacon Cliff for initiation. Again, all first-year students, report to Beacon Cliff immediately. *Transmission ends*

You: Guess that's our cue.

Annya: Yeah. *Turns around and walks away* See you boys in the field!!

You: You too Annya!!

Jaune: *You look at him* Who is that girl?

You: Another friend I made. I met her during lunch yesterday.

Jaune: *Sighs in disappointment* At least you have it easy with the ladies.

????: *Taps on your shoulder* Excuse me.

Upon hearing her voice, you turned around and when you looked at the one who called for your attention, your eyes widened in shock. It's the girl you saw before the opening ceremony yesterday!!

????: Can I have my spear back?

You: Uh, you mean this? *You point to the spear in your right hand*

????: Yes.

You: Oh, s-sure. *You give the spear back to her

Weiss: *Walks pass you and Jaune* Pyrrha!! *Catches her attention* Come on!! We're gonna be late!!

Pyrrha: *Looks at Jaune* I'm sorry for what happened earlier Jaune.

Jaune: Eh, no big deal. *Slowly stands up*

You: "Pyrrha"? *She looks at you* That's your name?

Pyrrha: *Nods to your question* Yes. My name is Pyrrha Nikos. And you are?

You: I'm-

Weiss: PYRRHA!!

Pyrrha: COMING!! *Looks at you* Sorry, but I have to go. Could we pick this up after the initiation perhaps?

You: Sure, I'm cool with that.

Pyrrha: *Smiles* Okay. *Walks pass you and heads for the exit* Good luck out there!!

You(In head): Pyrrha Nikos....I'm sure I've heard that name before....

Ruby: (M/n). *You snap back to reality and look at her, Yang, and Jaune* You okay?

You: Y-Yeah, I'm okay. Just zoned out again.

Yang: If you say so. Just make sure that zoning out thing doesn't get you killed today alright?

You: Whatever you say Yang.

Ruby: Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go and ace this thing in the bag!!

Agreeing to her words, you, Yang, and Jaune followed Ruby out of the locker room and head straight for Beacon Cliff for your initiation.
A few minutes later....

Beacon Cliff

Professor Ozpin: *Looks at you and the rest of your classmates* For years, you have been training to become warriors. And today, your abilities will evaluated in the Emerald Forest.

Glynda: *Steps forward and catches your attention* Now, I'm sure many of you have heard rumors about the assignment of teams. Well, allow us to put an end to your confusion.

You(In head): Let me guess, there's gonna be a twist in the answer.

Glynda: Each of you will be given teammates... Today.

You(In head): Knew it.

Ruby: What? *Sighs in fear*

Professor Ozpin: These teammates will be with you for the rest of your time here at Beacon. So it is in your best interest to be paired with someone with whom you can work well.

Ruby: *Nervous expression appears on her face* Uh....

Professor Ozpin: That being said, the first person you make eye contact with, after landing, will be your partner for the next 4 years.

*Awkward silence occurs*

Ruby: WHAT!?!?

You(In head): Wow, talk about dropping the shock bomb so fast.

Professor Ozpin: After you've partnered up, make your way to the northern end of the forest. You will meet opposition along the way.

Professor Ozpin: Do not hesitate to destroy everything in your path, or you will die.

Jaune: Hehe. *Gulps in fear*

Professor Ozpin: You will be monitored and graded for the duration of your initiation. But our instructors will not intervene.

Professor Ozpin: You will find an abandoned temple at the end of the path containing several relics. Each pair must choose one, and return to the top of the cliff. We will regard that item, as well as your standing, and grade you appropriately. Are there any questions?

Jaune: *Raises his hand* Yeah, um, sir-

Professor Ozpin: Good! Now, take your positions.

Doing what he asked, you and the rest of your classmates take your positions and awaited for each of you to be launched off of the cliff and into the forest so your initiation can commence.

While you took your position, you could already see a couple of others flying towards the forest. Meaning that the launch pads will keep launching others until it's down to you.

Jaune: Uh, sir? I've got, um, a question. So, this landing strategy thing, uh, w-what is it? You're, like, dropping us off or something?

Professor Ozpin: No. You will be falling.

Jaune: Oh, I see. So, like, do you hand out parachutes for us?

Professor Ozpin: No. You will be using your own landing strategy.

Jaune: Uhhuh...yeah.

Annya: *Looks at you as Ruby and Yang are launched off of the cliff* Hey (M/n). *You look at her* I'll see you in the field.

You: *You nod your head to her* You too. Be careful in there.

Annya: *Looks back at her front* I will. *Her launch pad sends her straight for the forest*

Jaune: So, um, what exactly is a landing strateg-

You: Hold onto your butts man!!

And with that, you and Jaune are the last two to be sent launching right off of the cliff and straight for the Emerald Forest along with the rest of your classmates. The initiation has begun and during this will determine who will be your teammates for the rest of your time in Beacon Academy.

You just hope nothing wrong happens during all this. Or so you thought....

(Not too far from Beacon Cliff....)

????: So the huntsmen have begun their initiation huh? This gives me the opportunity to see who I'll be dealing with. *Turns to a pack of Beowolves* Inform the others. Do what you wish with them.

Pack Leader Beowolf: *Nods to his master's orders and runs off with the rest of his comrades*

????: *Turns back to Beacon Cliff* Soon, every single worthless wench in this so called academy will know who to fear. Let the games begin, huntsmen and huntresses.


                                                                                 NEXT CHAPTER....

                                                                                    Chapter 5: Assemble
RWBY Retaliation - Chapter 4
Next chapter, it's time to assemble the team.
RWBY by Monty Oum

Previous Chapter:…

Next Chapter:…
Part 2: Writing 101

So, now that you've developed your story/fanfic idea, it's time to finally write it. But first, I must talk about writing and anything related to that.

Character Dialogue

When your character(s) at one time have a moment in the story where they talk, make sure that their dialogue is "natural". What do I mean by this you ask? It means that what they say must be like what a person in real life would say. If you don't do this, their talking time won't be interesting. Example: If a writer has a cool kid act like a fancy shmancy dude, that wouldn't feel natural because it won't be like that in real life.

Your dialogue also has to show the character's personality as well. If one of your characters is kinda like you, then you'll have to put some of your personality into said character's dialogue.


My advice for this? READ A LOT OF BOOKS, LIKE LEGIT BOOKS(Examples: Percy Jackson, Harry Potter or something like that). I learned this from my big sister that reading books actually help you learn and expand your vocabulary. When writing, your sentences have to be interesting to make sure your readers don't get bored. If you don't do this, you'll just end up losing your audience.

Can you read other fanfictions to expand your vocabulary? No. Reason for this is what I'm about to talk about next.

Errors in writing

The reason you shouldn't read other fanfictions to expand your vocabulary is because of two things. One, they are stories made by fans and two, some parts of their stories might have writing errors. Some people don't see those errors, but when you know some stuff about writing, you'd see the errors immediately. I'm not saying you shouldn't read fanfictions at all!! You can read them, just not for expanding your vocabulary.

Trust me, reading books by authors like Rick Riordan and J.K Rowling will do you much better help in expanding your vocabulary. I mean, even they had to read books too, even before they made their big hit series.


What is a pitch? Basically a pitch is what tells the entire thing of your story in just a few sentences. About three hundred words maximum depending on what your story is about. Plus, when making the pitch, you have to make sure your twist is in there. BUT MAKE SURE IT DOESN'T REVEAL WHAT THE BIG TWIST ACTUALLY IS!! IF YOU DO THIS, THE STORY'S NOT GOING ANYWHERE!!

Not only that, this'll help you explain your story to others both online and in real life. So, if you've fully developed your story, do your pitch and make sure it tells the entire story in just a few sentences, with the twist included(MAKE SURE YOU DON'T GO INTO DETAIL WHAT THE TWIST ACTUALLY IS!!). And if you need help in memorizing it, here's an exercise you can do with either friends or family that can help:

Exercise: Know your story's pitch by heart in three minutes. (Your friend or family member can time you for this.)

Character description

In some books, they don't have drawings in them to show what the location, character, etc look like. But luckily, there's a way to solve that. When making your story, make sure you give your readers details on what your characters, locations, creatures, etc look like. Doing this will help them get a glimpse of what they think your character, location, creature, etc is like. But don't go into FULL detail cause this is a story, not a design concept.

Well, that's all for this part. In the next part, we'll talk about a character's story and what "arcs" they'll go through and what they've learned at the end of their arc. What's an Arc you may ask? Well that's for next time;)


Artist | Hobbyist | Film & Animation
I'm just a regular Filipino Otaku that loves writing stories, make digital art, and watch movies and anime:D


Star Wars by FlobelebelebobeleTwilight Sparkle Stamp by SugarShiinaStamp: RedvsBlue fan by NawamaneStamp :: Rooster Teeth by homestucktroll123Stamp: Nisekoi by Heavens-AriaRWBY Stamp by SpamCrackersKingdom Hearts Stamp by winter-ameNisekoi - Chitoge Stamp by ParanoxiasDA Stamp - Pizza 01 by tppgraphicsDA Stamp - Conventions 01 by tppgraphicsHowToBasic Stamp by SuperMarioFan65WOT Stamp by AdmiralSerenityVanoss Gaming stamp. (New icon) by TailypoArtisth2o delirious stamp by oiimiI AM WILDCAT stamp by Stamps-ForWhoWantMini Land stamp by Stamps-ForWhoWantNogla stamp by Stamps-ForWhoWantMoo stamp by Stamps-ForWhoWantBasicallyidowrk stamp by Stamps-ForWhoWantTerroriser stamp by Stamps-ForWhoWantLui Calibre stamp by Stamps-ForWhoWantGood Mythical Morning stamp by smileystampsMy first Stamp :) Fairy Tail Lover by Ookamis-WolvesKill La Kill Stamp by wow1076TTGL Stamp by SolusNoxSAO stamp by SolusNoxAttack on Titan stamp by SolusNox.: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-KotStamp - Dog Lover by MauserGirlMaroon 5 Stamp ll by KrisderpStamp - Mouse User by firstfearMS Paint User Stamp by iPPGNatsu x Lucy Stamp 4 by whiteflamingoGruvia Stamp by Rumay-ChianFT - Gazille x Levi 01 by coffeefanatic3462Stamp: Jerza by SunforJanuaryDA Stamp - I Love Movies 01 by tppgraphicsPassionate Shipper Stamp by MarmaladeYuuStamp - FMA Brotherhood by MiaKa-CiDFanfic Writer Stamp by AroihkinBrony- stamp by BlizzyKaiTailsXCosmo Stamp by TheKitsuneAlchemistSonaze Stamp by Chibi-Mars-JaneHyperdimension Neptunia by EtherealStardustPanty and Stocking Stamp by TaezeonDangan Ronpa Stamp by Ryxedieos:thumb552537580:Space Dandy Stamp v.3 by aFiendBlack Bullet Stamp by Kheila-SStamp: K-ON!! by xEjixStamp - AsunaxKirito by ChelimkaGmod Stamp by Midday-Mayhem


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